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“The Mystic Art Association (MAA) was known for quaint impressionist paintings of life along the shore, until mid-century when it was invaded by Modern artists. They pushed their art — and the MAA with it — into a new direction.” MAAd Men of Mystic is an historic exhibition featuring three artists; John Gregoropoulos, Anothony Terenzio, […]

I had the great good fortune recently to meet Paul Zelanski, Professor Emeritus from the University of Connecticut art department. At age 83, he still works every single day in his studio with the result of his being massively productive. His collages are fresh and fine, each 5″ x 7″ work seeming to breathe onto the viewer the life that Zelanski composed in it.

Hearing about his life in art, which began at age 7, gave me a lot to think about in terms of how an artist keeps himself vital, productive, and significant year after year. Zelanski is a model and an inspiration for anyone thinking about the why and how of decades of commitment to art.

– Ann Starr
Starr Review
Upper Hand Press

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