To add slides to the homepage, simply go to the Slides tab on the left-hand side of the WordPress backend under Comments.

Add a new slide like you normally would for a page or post. You are now presented with a few options to configure the look of the slide.

The slide is split into three parts: the heading, the content and the featured image. You can put links, buttons etc in the content part of the slide to create call to action slides.

Set an image as the Featured Image to make it display on the slideshow. The recommended size is 1600×900 pixels.

There are Slide Settings to configure the way the slide looks. You can select the position of the slide content from left, right, bottom or center, and select whether you want the content to be light or dark to contrast better with the background image.

Slides are ordered by the date they were created, so if you want to rearrange the slides, be sure to modify the dates in reverse chronological order (newest slides appear first).