Portfolio page

Add a new page in the WordPress backend and name it something like Portfolio. Next, change the page template to Portfolio Page and click Publish. After publishing, you should see a Portfolio Settings box appear underneath the main content box. Your page layout should look something like this:

In the Portfolio Settings box, you can specify the layout options for the portfolio page. You can display only one type of portfolio according to the ‘Portfolio Tags’, and you can select the image grid style.

Portfolio Post

Creating a new portfolio post is the same as creating a new page or a new post. There are some additional fields that you can fill out that will add some more information to your portfolio, such as the client you created it for and an external link to the work. You can also add skills to the portfolio post that can be reused on other portfolio posts.

Be sure to set the Featured Image for the portfolio post to have the image show up on the portfolio page. The featured image will also appear on the portfolio post if you have not uploaded a gallery or included video embed code.

You can also upload multiple images to the portfolio post to create a gallery. This will automatically be shown on the portfolio post. Be sure to set the caption and description of the images so that they appear in the slideshow!

You also have the option to include video in the portfolio post. Simply paste the video embed code into the featured video box.

Here is a screenshot of what the portfolio post screen looks like: