Blog page

Add a new page in the WordPress backend and name it something like Blog. Next, change the page template to Blog Page and click Publish. After publishing, you should see a Blog Settings box appear underneath the main content box.

In the Blog Settings box, you can display a single category of blog posts on the page rather than all the posts.

Blog Posts

Ablaze enables various post formats to get the best out of your WordPress installation. The post formats are: Standard, Aside, Gallery, Image, Link, Quote, Video. The following documentation describes how you properly set up each type of post format.


This is your normal blog post. Include a heading, write your content and set a featured image if you like to display above the heading.


An aside is a small blog post that is meant to contain something you quickly want to say instead of making it a standard post. The heading and featured image is not shown for this post format.


A gallery post displays an attached gallery in a slideshow format above the post heading. Simply upload your images inside the post to create the gallery. There is no need to insert the gallery into the post, you just need to upload the photos using the media upload button in the post.

The gallery post format also displays the title and excerpt in the blog listing page.


To set up the image post format, simply set a featured image. The image post format will hide the post title and excerpt from the blog listing page.


There is a sidebar box titled ‘Link URL’. Simply paste your link into that field and the heading of the post will automatically link to that URL.


When selecting the quote post format, the content in the post will be display on the blog listing page. Make sure the post content only contains the quote as it will display anything else inside. Use the blockquote shortcode to properly format the text.


There is a sidebar box title ‘Featured Video’. Simply paste your video url or embed code here and it will be display above the post title and content.